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Personal Favorites:

  • TF.N's fanfic archive - The offers a growing selection of top quality stories, all of which have passed a review board to get there. Great reading. Nothing beyond PG-13.
  • Guardians of Peace - A German fanfic site that is well worth the visit. Just enter, then click on 'Exp.Universe' and get ready to discover a treasure trove of good stories (in English). It has lots of great Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon pictures, as well (look under 'Bilder').
  • Qui-Gon Jinn Discussion List - Everything you ever wanted to know about Qui-Gon, including some fanfic. They take their favorite Jedi Master seriously, but aren't afraid to smile.
  • Wolfie's Den - The variety of authors who have work archived here is truly impressive. Check it out.
  • Midnight Tea - Eretria offers a variety of lovely stories (not just Star Wars), all served up on a site that is a treat to the eye. Tea, anyone?
  • The Sanctuary - Jedi Apprentice fan fiction by Erika. A beautiful site with a lot of stories, all revolving around our favourite master-padawan team.
  • The Borrowed Ones - Fan fiction by Marnie (a rabid Qui-Gon fan and a great writer). She also links to some of her favourite stories by other authors.
  • Avalon Online - The friend who introduced me to fanfic. Top notch stuff. Not just Star Wars. Probably the only author who could get me to read - and enjoy - a *Buffy* story (and I don't even watch the show). **This link is broken. DenCity shut down and Avalon is currently seeking a new home on the web.



  • Star Wars - the galaxy according to George. All things *official*.
  • - Get your SW gossip here. Home of the Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia.
  • - one of the biggest fan fiction sites. *Warning* This site is unmoderated, so you will find all manner of stories, from the very, very good to, well, everything else. Be prepared to sift.



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